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What is Business Development ?

Currently, we live in a world where businesses are popping up every second, in every nook and corner, struggling to stand out successfully. This is where business development plays a crucial role.

Business development refers to the process of analysing and identifying the state of a business in the current scenario and using various strategies and tools, such as marketing, to propel the business forward.


How it Works ?

Our company, Venteskraft Media, is a business development consultancy which aims to assist individuals or corporates to start their business development company, which will help build and develop businesses to reach its true potential. Our consultancy deals with most aspects that are important to scale up one’s business, especially focusing on factors that are crucial to a business in this digital era. It also includes mentoring in business development tools practically especially in research Analysis, Strategy building and development, marketing and monitoring, Master classes in entrepreneurship, all in all molding your Business Development company. Through mentorship, a teaching model tailored to fit each and every client’s goal. You will get complete assistance for 1 year. There will be separate charges for extended support.



Aimed at molding individuals into business development professionals

  • Consultancy Duration - 365 Days
  • Mentorship will be provided
  • 3 months detailed Training
  • 9 months Mentorship under our CEO
  • Consultancy Charges - INR 56500 plus taxes

Venteskraft in News

Forbes News

Venteskraft:Decoding the markets

With an expertise in stock market training and mentorship along with business development programmes, Venteskraft has catered to over 50,000 clients and has expanded to more than 13 countries
~ Forbes

HT News

Venteskraft:A coming-of-age business venture

This firm adopts a practical approach towards the market and constantly tracks those factors which can affect the market positively or negatively.
~ Hindustan Times


Mahin B S:Meet inspiring mentor and genuine young talent

We have seen so many movies in B-town where we see an inspiring role of young entrepreneurs outperforming other characters with style and intelligence. Where does this kind of roles directors think from?
~ Free Press Journal


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